Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Online registration is up!

Many Thanks to Todd Henderlong of T & H timing from Valpo Indiana!  Todd's company will be taking care of the timing for the trail runs, as well as online registration.  If any of you are considering setting up a race in the future I would highly recommend Todd and his crew.  He has made the stressful job of being a R.D. much easier!  Online registration should be listed as a link in the right hand column.  Simply clink on the link and fill in the blanks!  Thank You Todd!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

We have decided on the finisher's award for the the ultra distance event. As far as I know ( and that's not much people ) there isn't a ultra at any distance that hands out a brass compass as an award. I found these really cool, solid brass scouting compasses and I think they would make a excellent finishers award for the race.  My intent is to engrave the back of the compass with the race name and distance for each of the Ultra runners who finish the course within the time limit.  

And the first race entrant is....

Bill Kulwiki of South Bend Indiana.  He has signed up for the 60k event  Thanks for sending in your race registration early!  My wife and I were so excited to get this in the mail we about had a party and invited Bill.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Video of the front half.

Alrighty!  Yesterday I was able to go out and get some good ( I use that term tounge in cheek ) video of the front half of the race course.  The video is of the mountain bike course which we will be running in reverse.  I shot the video of this to help those not accustomed to trail running, or those not familiar with the mountain bike course to assist them in gaining a  litttle " flavor.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mail in Registration is up.

I just got the Mail In Registration set up.  I am working on getting the online registration up by next week.  Please note the difference in price by signing up early.  The link to download your very own race form should be located somewhere on the right hand column.    I will also update the course info by this weekend; hopefully showing the final route of the race. ( not much different than the posted previously ).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Recent Garmin info...

Hi guys!  I recently went out and ran/walked/hiked the loop intended for the race next April and I realized afterward that the course is 3 miles short.  I am intending to add in 3 more miles on the mountain bike trail making the west end of the course and out and back and the east section and out and back.  This seems to work well for the Virgina Happy Trail Runners and the BRR;  So why not here?  This is general overview of the course.

Please note the split times in the "view detail" section.  Each split will show the estimated locations of each aid station.    Things to look for while out on the course: an old tractor with a tree growing thru it, foundations of old farm houses that were there turn of the century, cemetery where slaves and free are buried side by side, old road ways that disappear into the lake, the front end of VW beetle out the middle of nowhere.  While out on the course keep an eye out for numerous deer, and wild turkey which are in large numbers in the area. This course should be fun and interesting to run.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Potato Creek Trail Runs April 30, 2011

The Potato Creek Trail runs will be an event for all skill levels and age groups.  The course will have varying distances that will cater not only to the hardened ultra runner but also to the first timers who are new to the sport.   Theses races will not only serve to expose athletes to the joys and excitement of trail running but will also expose  an entire new, and diverse group of people to the natural beauty that exists at Potato Creek.   The intent is to slowly and carefully grow the race each year; making certain the athlete has a quality experience  regardless of number of entrants.  

The areas of the park we would like to use for these races include, but not all, of these trail segments.  We propose the following:
The course is a 13.1 mile loop starting  at the Orchard Shores shelter heading south until you reach the lake.  The runners will turn west and run along the shore of the lake until they reach the beach area and the start of the mountain bike course.  The course will then head north following the mountain bike trail running it in reverse direction allowing those who still wish to use the mountain bike course to do so.   On the backside of the property manager’s house the mountain bike trail intersects trail # 1.  Runners will then turn east and run trail # 1 until they reach the intersection of trail #1 and #2.  At which time the runner will turn onto trail #2 and continue east allowing them the opportunity to enjoy running up Vargo hill.   The runners will continue east until they run (or fall) down Steamboat hill; shortly after this the course will loop back to the old Orange road.  Once to the road runners will head south on Orange to the start of the #4 trail.   The runners will then run a full loop of #4 terminating back at Orange road.  Once to the roadway the runners will head north until they reach the south end of trail # 2.  Runners will pick up trail #2  and head west along trail # 2 until it hooks up to the south end of trail #1.  The trail will continue to use #1 trail to run back to the nature center and then ultimately the start finish area.  
The half marathoners will finish with only one loop, the full marathoners will finish with two and the 60k runners will finish with three full loops.  We are intending to set up a 10 hour time limit to complete the course; with this in place,  it will allow the slowest  of runners ( or walkers!)  to complete either a 10 hour marathon or a 10 hour half marathon.  We will establish time cut-offs at each aid station for the 10 hour limit.  These cut-offs will keep the runners from being out on the course for a time greater than 10 hours.  Aid stations would be set up at the property manager’s access road, on a section of Orange rd., and the start finish area at Orchard shores.  Making the interval between the stations 3-4 miles in length.  
The park's site can be found here: Potato Creek . Camping either in park provided cabins, or campsites will be available before, during and after the event.  The cabins are very nice and will  fill up quickly.  We suggest that reservations be made prior to arriving at the park.   The park itself has very nice bathroom and shower facilities that will be available for all participants in the trail run. 
We are currently working on national, regional, and local sponsorship in order to help with great  race swag, race awards, and assist in providing products at the three aid stations. 
More info will be added to this blog as it becomes available.  Volunteer opportunities, possible sponsorship, and other questions regarding the race can be directed to  pctrailinfo@gmail.com