Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm the map,I'm the map, I'm the map I'm the map...I'M THE MAP!!!!

OK guys, here is my awesome fix to my GPS debacle. The start finish area is Orchard Shores. Runners will head east then north behind the playground on the #1 trail where they will pick up the mountain bike trail and run it in reverse. The first aid station will be 3.8 miles into the mountain bike trail; near the entrance to the property mangers house. After exiting the mountain bike trail near where you entered you will run to the second aid station near the nature center. This is also where Ultra Runners will have access to their drop bags. The runners will then head east then north on the #1 trail until they pick up the #2 trail and run up Vargo hill. The runners will be able to run the #2 trail until it gets back to Orange road. After running south on Orange road for 400M the third aid station will be located on the bridge between the #4 and the #2 trail. The runners will then run the #4 trail in a loop around the cemetary and along the south side of lake and back to this aid station. After running north on the old section of Orange RD the runners will pick up the #2 trail and run it west to where they will pick up the #1 trail and return to orchard shores picnic area. Marathoners will do this twice, and Ultra runners will do this three times.

Monday, March 28, 2011

A word about our sponsors....

Metro Run and Walk:  Metro is the premier running sports shop in the area.  The only other shops that can compete with Dave's prices, knowledge and service are located 2.5 hours away down in Indy.   If you are just starting out, or consider yourself a veteran, Metro has what you need, with the knowledge pool  to get you on the right track.   Dave has the new line of the New Balance  minimus shoes  in stock so stop by and check em out.

Cross Fit South Bend:  Cross Fit South Bend is much more that just a place to cross train.  Some of you may already know, I  am a huge fan of the CF methodology.  CF has helped me run and finish two 50 mile races, a 60k  and a few 50k's.   Those of you who chronically plagued with IT syndrome, PF, or shin splints need to realize that becoming stronger will move your running years ahead of any mileage plan alone.  Stop in, or give Brandon a call to set up a free work out.

Cross Fit Endurance: Is the online programming site where they allow you take your running to the next level.    Ever wonder why you constantly battle with injury?  Ever wonder why when in a training cycle you always feel tired?  If you are interested in looking into a different way to train that will REDUCE your miles ( and all the pounding on your body ) by at least 30%,, all the while  making strength gains, and gains in speed and recovery  then Cross Fit Endurance is for you.   Brain has stepped up to the plate and has offered a FREE  endurance certification class to the winner of this years 60k at Potato Creek.  This weekend long class will give you  insight on training methodology, nutrition, and running form.  This is over a $600 value, and very generous of Brain to offer that up.  Thanks Bro!

With out the help from these three businesses, and specifically Dave, Brandon, and Brian this race would not take place.  Please take a moment and surf on over to their sites and see what they have to offer.   I will not have a race sponsor that I have not had personal dealings with or that I can not stand behind.  Each of them has an "above and beyond"  approach to how they run they own businesses; which is hard to find these days.

Technology 1 Senator 0: GPS issues, and taking a dive

We once again had great weather for getting out and hitting the trails this past weekend.   I met Bill and Bob  to cruise the upcoming course ( Bill pictured left,  and Bob picture right).  I strapped on my borrowed Garmin 310 and hit the trails to map out the course and post it here.   Sadly, the Garmin has 6 buttons and somehow I messed it up while underway.  Apologies to all who are patiently waiting to see the course map.   It will have to wait until I get out again.  When I get home from work tonight I will scan in a map with a hand drawn course, with aid stations, and showing the drop bag area for the ultra runners.
In other news, I took a huge dive while out running with Bill and Bob.  First time this has happened too this degree in some time.  One moment I was running along in my own little happy world, next I was laying on my back wondering how I got there.  No worries tho, the ground was soft and muddy making the fall not quite so painful.    I did manage to make a muddy mess of myself, which was quite humorous to my wife and kids when I showed back up at home. :-)  Good times.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Updated Info:

I would like to say thank you to those of you who showed up for the training run last week Saturday. I hope you guys were able to get a feel for what the course will be like come race day. This next Saturday I will be out at the park around noon and I intend to map out the entire course with a Garmin 310. This GPS info will give me/us/ you collectively the ability to see where the course will be run exactly and where the aid stations will be located. I will not be running this entire time; but will have to stop from time to time to figure out where exactly the aid stations will be located. I will also have to work on keeping the flow of the course simple and easy to follow. The course on race day will be well marked with signage and yellow flags.

Ultra distance people: You will be starting at the same time as the rest of the runners at 8 AM. You will have access to a drop bag area near the nature center. The ultra distance will be achieved by running the 1/2 marathon course three times. Aid stations will be located 3 miles from each other. At the conclusion of the final loop you will return to Orchard shores picnic area where the start finish line will be located. The course will remain open for 10 hours. I am currently working on time cut offs so I do not have volunteers sitting at an aid station for 10 hours straight.

After I upload the GPS info to the blog I hope the course, and how it is laid out will be clear and easily understandable.  As always you guys can email me or call me if you have questions.  

Senator Brett

Monday, March 14, 2011

Training run update for March 19th

A word about this coming weekend's training run. I will be at the Orchard Shores Picnic area at Noon this Saturday.

I will have marked the course prior to this, so anyone is welcome regardless of pace; also, I will have a photo copied map to hand out for those who wish to have one.

With the map, and the course marked I am confident that no one will get lost ( although I have been told to never underestimate stupidity). My pace for runs such as this is somewhere in the 10 minute per mile range.
If you are not accustomed to running a 10k with out water please make sure you have the ability to carry water with you. ie a hand held, or hydration pack. Water will be available to everyone at the nature center. Please dress accordingly.

Looking forward to seeing you guys out there!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Training run! March 19th at Noon.

OK peeps.  Mark this date down.  March 19th, at noon, rain or shine.  I will be running the back half of the course leaving from the Orchard Shores picnic area.  This should be around 6.5 miles and should take a little more than a hour to run.  This would be a great way to get your feet wet ( literally ) with trail running, and a way to get a peek of how the back half of the 13 mile loop will be laid out.   If you can not be without water for more than a hour please carry some sort of hydration with you.   A small hand held should be fine.  We can get water at the nature center before we get too far out.   Hope to see  you there.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Finisher's medal on FB

OK so the medal's are in.  The above link takes you  to the events section on FB.

Every runner will get their own medal with name, distance, and date engraved onto it, with exception to those who sign up during the last few days prior to the event.     My engraver guy RAWKS!  

Friday, March 4, 2011

The Finishers Awards are in.

All I need to do now is clone myself so I have time to get over to Hoosier Trophies to pick them up.  :)

The 1/2 and full marathon peeps will have a nice brass medal with their name, distance, and date engraved into them.  I am trying like crazy to give you guys a more personal touch with the race.   I will post up pics later tonight of the medals.  Also, the shirts are probably in, I just have to check with Dave from Metro who was kind enough to order them for me.  ( Thank You Dave!)   

On my list of things to do by the end of the month is give you guys a GPS mapped course.  So there will be no surprises come race day.  I would also like to throw out there that I will be doing a training run on half of the course on Saturday March 19th at noon.  More info on this later.
 Here is photo taken from the course:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Finishers awards

Ok guys I met with an awards company yesterday and it looks like I am going to order them today.  The half Marathon, and Marathon runners will get a nice finishers medal with their name, date, and distance run engraved on them.  I hope this personal touch helps make the run a quality event.  I will post up (hopefully) a sample medal later this week. can follow along on FaceBook now as well.  I finally broke down and went to FB.  8-D  So check it out in the "events" area.