Friday, March 25, 2011

Updated Info:

I would like to say thank you to those of you who showed up for the training run last week Saturday. I hope you guys were able to get a feel for what the course will be like come race day. This next Saturday I will be out at the park around noon and I intend to map out the entire course with a Garmin 310. This GPS info will give me/us/ you collectively the ability to see where the course will be run exactly and where the aid stations will be located. I will not be running this entire time; but will have to stop from time to time to figure out where exactly the aid stations will be located. I will also have to work on keeping the flow of the course simple and easy to follow. The course on race day will be well marked with signage and yellow flags.

Ultra distance people: You will be starting at the same time as the rest of the runners at 8 AM. You will have access to a drop bag area near the nature center. The ultra distance will be achieved by running the 1/2 marathon course three times. Aid stations will be located 3 miles from each other. At the conclusion of the final loop you will return to Orchard shores picnic area where the start finish line will be located. The course will remain open for 10 hours. I am currently working on time cut offs so I do not have volunteers sitting at an aid station for 10 hours straight.

After I upload the GPS info to the blog I hope the course, and how it is laid out will be clear and easily understandable.  As always you guys can email me or call me if you have questions.  

Senator Brett

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