Monday, March 28, 2011

A word about our sponsors....

Metro Run and Walk:  Metro is the premier running sports shop in the area.  The only other shops that can compete with Dave's prices, knowledge and service are located 2.5 hours away down in Indy.   If you are just starting out, or consider yourself a veteran, Metro has what you need, with the knowledge pool  to get you on the right track.   Dave has the new line of the New Balance  minimus shoes  in stock so stop by and check em out.

Cross Fit South Bend:  Cross Fit South Bend is much more that just a place to cross train.  Some of you may already know, I  am a huge fan of the CF methodology.  CF has helped me run and finish two 50 mile races, a 60k  and a few 50k's.   Those of you who chronically plagued with IT syndrome, PF, or shin splints need to realize that becoming stronger will move your running years ahead of any mileage plan alone.  Stop in, or give Brandon a call to set up a free work out.

Cross Fit Endurance: Is the online programming site where they allow you take your running to the next level.    Ever wonder why you constantly battle with injury?  Ever wonder why when in a training cycle you always feel tired?  If you are interested in looking into a different way to train that will REDUCE your miles ( and all the pounding on your body ) by at least 30%,, all the while  making strength gains, and gains in speed and recovery  then Cross Fit Endurance is for you.   Brain has stepped up to the plate and has offered a FREE  endurance certification class to the winner of this years 60k at Potato Creek.  This weekend long class will give you  insight on training methodology, nutrition, and running form.  This is over a $600 value, and very generous of Brain to offer that up.  Thanks Bro!

With out the help from these three businesses, and specifically Dave, Brandon, and Brian this race would not take place.  Please take a moment and surf on over to their sites and see what they have to offer.   I will not have a race sponsor that I have not had personal dealings with or that I can not stand behind.  Each of them has an "above and beyond"  approach to how they run they own businesses; which is hard to find these days.

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