Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I'm the map,I'm the map, I'm the map I'm the map...I'M THE MAP!!!!

OK guys, here is my awesome fix to my GPS debacle. The start finish area is Orchard Shores. Runners will head east then north behind the playground on the #1 trail where they will pick up the mountain bike trail and run it in reverse. The first aid station will be 3.8 miles into the mountain bike trail; near the entrance to the property mangers house. After exiting the mountain bike trail near where you entered you will run to the second aid station near the nature center. This is also where Ultra Runners will have access to their drop bags. The runners will then head east then north on the #1 trail until they pick up the #2 trail and run up Vargo hill. The runners will be able to run the #2 trail until it gets back to Orange road. After running south on Orange road for 400M the third aid station will be located on the bridge between the #4 and the #2 trail. The runners will then run the #4 trail in a loop around the cemetary and along the south side of lake and back to this aid station. After running north on the old section of Orange RD the runners will pick up the #2 trail and run it west to where they will pick up the #1 trail and return to orchard shores picnic area. Marathoners will do this twice, and Ultra runners will do this three times.

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