Friday, March 23, 2012

Bag Piper

If any of you guys know the bag piper from Culver please have him contact me.  I dont have his contact info!

The training run is still on for Saturday at noon!  Bring a water bottle and some bug spray! 

Monday, March 19, 2012

Group training runs

I am trying to organize a group training run  on March 24, and April 14th.  We will meet at noon at the Nature center and run 1/2 the course at a time.  Expect to be out for around 1 hour and 15 minutes.  If there is a large group we can split up into different pacing groups; making it comfortable for all involved.   The nature centure has bathrooms and a drinking fountain.  Making this an ideal spot to start and end from. 
Email me at if you have questions. 


Senator Brett

Monday, March 5, 2012

Race Update 03-05-2012

Good Morning everyone!

I hope you all have had productive training this weekend. The race is now on the horizon and its time to stretch out your mileage. My suggestion is to reach your goal mileage in the next two weeks and then allow for some taper time before the race.

A quick apology to everyone; I am sorry about not returning a few emails this year. After I opened my Gmail account it occurred to me that at the start of the New Year Gmail has stopped forwarding the race emails to me. Not being the most tech savvy person I think it was probably more operator error than anything. I am very sorry to those of you who have not gotten a proper response to your emails. I broke out in a nervous sweat last night when I realized what has happened.

In an effort to make amends may I suggest that if I have not given you a satisfactory answer to your questions please call me on my Cell Phone 574-596-3860 or send me another email to my main account .

Face Book: There seems to be some confusion with the FB account. I set it up like the race is a person. That way it can be a continuing account that people can tag photos and constantly update with info. If you are looking for the account think first name-last name like this, “Potatocreek Trailruns” if you were to put this into the search window I think this should pull it up.

Course map: I will be updating the course map by the end of the month. Due to NIMBA redirecting the mountain bike course and adding another .7 of a mile I will have to change the course just a little bit over last year. I just ran the course this past Saturday and it was a bit long with me moving one aid station and the extra .7 on the mountain bike trail.

Misc: I will order the finisher awards this week. I will be going with about what we had last year. If you can sign up a week before the race I should be able to get you a finisher medal with your name engraved on race day. Ultra peeps will again be getting a brass hiking compass with the race logo, distance and date engraved on the back. Those of you signing up the day of the race you will receive a finisher medal; but, it will only have race logo, date and distance.

Again, apologies for any delay in email response. Hopefully I have taken steps to correct this.


Senator Brett