Sunday, November 21, 2010

Video of the front half.

Alrighty!  Yesterday I was able to go out and get some good ( I use that term tounge in cheek ) video of the front half of the race course.  The video is of the mountain bike course which we will be running in reverse.  I shot the video of this to help those not accustomed to trail running, or those not familiar with the mountain bike course to assist them in gaining a  litttle " flavor.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Mail in Registration is up.

I just got the Mail In Registration set up.  I am working on getting the online registration up by next week.  Please note the difference in price by signing up early.  The link to download your very own race form should be located somewhere on the right hand column.    I will also update the course info by this weekend; hopefully showing the final route of the race. ( not much different than the posted previously ).

Monday, November 15, 2010

Recent Garmin info...

Hi guys!  I recently went out and ran/walked/hiked the loop intended for the race next April and I realized afterward that the course is 3 miles short.  I am intending to add in 3 more miles on the mountain bike trail making the west end of the course and out and back and the east section and out and back.  This seems to work well for the Virgina Happy Trail Runners and the BRR;  So why not here?  This is general overview of the course.

Please note the split times in the "view detail" section.  Each split will show the estimated locations of each aid station.    Things to look for while out on the course: an old tractor with a tree growing thru it, foundations of old farm houses that were there turn of the century, cemetery where slaves and free are buried side by side, old road ways that disappear into the lake, the front end of VW beetle out the middle of nowhere.  While out on the course keep an eye out for numerous deer, and wild turkey which are in large numbers in the area. This course should be fun and interesting to run.