Thursday, May 5, 2011

Photo's are here!

There is a quite a few. So have a looky at them; and remember you probably felt worse than what you actually looked. Copy and paste this address into a new window; For whatever reason my new laptop is not allowing me to use a link.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Photo's coming soon!

I've been trying to contact the people who were there taking pictures. I think they are posted on photo bucket or something similar. I was told that one of them took 1600 pictures at the race. I will get you a link on the blog asap.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Results for 2011 and the "guess the gap" contest winner.

Thank you everyone for a great first year. Here is the link to T&H timing web page results T&H Timing

Looks like we had some superfast times!

The winner of the TIMEX IRONMAN Global trainer is...

DOUG MORRIS.(4:48.48) Please everyone check my math. The fist overall 1/2 runner was 99:20 and the first overall ultra runner was 392:32. By my estimation that is 4.88 and per the conversion it comes to 4:52:47. This is bad news for Eric Schumacher of Columbus Ohio who guessed 4:53. The second closest is Rachel Kaser with 4:44.44( first female in the half ). Doug please email me so I can set up a time to get you the GPS watch.
OK...I just got off the phone with a fellow runner explaining where I went wrong with the math. In fact, Eric Schumacher is the winner. Apologies to Doug. I will be sending out a email to correct this. Thank you Larry for your timly phone call.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

This years Potato Creek is in the books.

I'd love to sit here with a smug grin on my face saying we nailed it this weekend; but, I know there are many areas where we can improve. Please keep the emails coming with suggestions complaints, or compliments. Next years race will have more GPS info like mileage listed throughout the trail system, and mileage listed at each aid station. I was out this morning taking down the course markings and realized there was a two mile stretch with no pink blazes at all. I think on a conservative estimate, we lost somewhere between 20-25% of the course markings.
I had no idea what could have happened to the pink blazes until I found these two walking sticks.
Each of these sticks ( for mushroom hunting? ) had around 10-20 pink blazes on them.
Next year, I will use the old standby method; accuracy by volume. I also intend to put out less complicated signs...things like arrows seem to work better.
If you got lost, or were instructed to run in the wrong direction PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! I am very sorry your day was ruined. Speaking from experience it is no fun being lost.

I am working on getting our results posted online. It's a bit complicated as the contractor for the event used a sub-contractor from different part of the state. I have emails into both of them.