Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Course Map 2014

Hello to all.  Things are moving along with the race.  We have a new shirt on order and are working on a few other things.  It has been brought to my attention that the course info is not adequate.  In my attempt to remedy this I will post a link to the Garmin info as well as break it down section by section. For all intents and purposes; think of the course as a oddly shaped figure 8

Here is the important info needed on the course. 
The Split times will show the distances between each of the aid stations.

Miles Distance
Feet Elevation Gain
Feet Elevation Loss
Minutes per Mile Avg Pace
Minutes per Mile Avg Moving Pace
Minutes per Mile Best Pace
Calories Calories
  2.40 230 302 11:15 11:05 8:24 332
  3.81 476 427 11:51 11:38 8:34 508
  3.18 377 358 12:25 12:17 8:05 418
  3.80 463 453 12:17 12:08 8:07 490
   0.18 --  

Section One:  Orchard Shores East to Horse riders campground  ( Split 1 )
The race runs out from Orchard Shores East Picnic  shelter using the number 1, 2 and 4 trails to the south side of the lake.  Think double wide, groomed, fast trails.  This gives everyone time to sort out pace and pass easily if need be.   Easy Peasey. Distance from Start to Horse Riders A/S 2.40 miles.

Section Two:  Return Loop from Horse Riders Campground to Nature Center ( Split 2 )
This section will use the 1, 2, and 4 trails in a loop back to the Nature center.  The trails are still wide, groomed, and fast.  While on these trails you can expect gravel, dirt, and loose rock.  Nothing too technical.  This is one of the only sections of the race that has significant elevation gain and loss.  While on the return loop you will be expected to ascend the steep face of Steamboat hill and run down the back side to Vargo hill where you will get to enjoy a 1/2 mile of down hill.  Distance from Horse Riders A/S to Nature Center A/S 3.81 miles.

Section Three:  Nature Center to Peppermint Road ( Split 3 )
You will run from the Nature Center to the Mountain Bike Trails located behind the playground at the nature center. Use the bathroom at the nature center or the vault toilets located on the playground if needed before you hit the single track.  Taking a left onto the Mountain Bike trails you will run the trail system in reverse order as stipulated by the park for safety.  We have never had a problem with bikers in the past but you should know the potential does exits as the park will not allow us exclusive right to the mountain bike trails for the day.  The Mountain Bike Trails are technical single track and are very narrow.  Please do not walk/ run two abreast as to not allow anyone behind you the ability to pass.  When you hear loud polka music playing through the woods you know you are close to the aid station.  The folks who run this A/S are a special breed and who love this race and the park.  Please take time to thank them  Welcome to the middle of nowhere.  Nature Center to Peppermint Road A/S 3.18 miles

Section Four: Peppermint Road back to Nature Center. ( Split 4 )
This is the section that will test your mental fortitude.  People who have run this race in the past have told me that this is the hardest section mentally. You will be running on the mountain bike trail back to the nature center. This is the section that  contains the now infamous boulder pile.  Yes...that is the trail run over the pile of large rocks.  I promise you wont break.   After what seems like 8-10 miles you will exit the mountain bike trail near where you entered and run back to the Nature Center. Note: Bathrooms are located here. Peppermint Road back to Nature Center 3.8 miles

Section Five: Nature center to Orchard Shores ( split 5)
This section if you are running the half is a return to the Orchard Shoes Picnic area.  Its only a quarter of a mile to the finish.  If you are running the Marathon you get to head back out and do it all again. Ultra peeps...surprise....you do this entire course twice more.  

My Garmin 310xt says its accurate +/- to .30 of a mile.  I have done some tweaking to the course in general in order to keep the distances accurate.  We may make a few more changes along the way so we dont confuse anyone.  ( and no making fun of my pace on the split table...I was tired and getting over a cold or something like that )
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