Monday, May 2, 2011

Results for 2011 and the "guess the gap" contest winner.

Thank you everyone for a great first year. Here is the link to T&H timing web page results T&H Timing

Looks like we had some superfast times!

The winner of the TIMEX IRONMAN Global trainer is...

DOUG MORRIS.(4:48.48) Please everyone check my math. The fist overall 1/2 runner was 99:20 and the first overall ultra runner was 392:32. By my estimation that is 4.88 and per the conversion it comes to 4:52:47. This is bad news for Eric Schumacher of Columbus Ohio who guessed 4:53. The second closest is Rachel Kaser with 4:44.44( first female in the half ). Doug please email me so I can set up a time to get you the GPS watch.
OK...I just got off the phone with a fellow runner explaining where I went wrong with the math. In fact, Eric Schumacher is the winner. Apologies to Doug. I will be sending out a email to correct this. Thank you Larry for your timly phone call.


  1. I was off by 13 seconds?!? Wow! Pretty good guess, though.. eh? :)

  2. Wow, Eric - you were spot on! Lucky! I so wanted that watch.

  3. First off, this was a great race and I will be back next year. I am looking for my finish line photo. Will info on pics be posted any time soon? Thanks!!