Sunday, May 1, 2011

This years Potato Creek is in the books.

I'd love to sit here with a smug grin on my face saying we nailed it this weekend; but, I know there are many areas where we can improve. Please keep the emails coming with suggestions complaints, or compliments. Next years race will have more GPS info like mileage listed throughout the trail system, and mileage listed at each aid station. I was out this morning taking down the course markings and realized there was a two mile stretch with no pink blazes at all. I think on a conservative estimate, we lost somewhere between 20-25% of the course markings.
I had no idea what could have happened to the pink blazes until I found these two walking sticks.
Each of these sticks ( for mushroom hunting? ) had around 10-20 pink blazes on them.
Next year, I will use the old standby method; accuracy by volume. I also intend to put out less complicated signs...things like arrows seem to work better.
If you got lost, or were instructed to run in the wrong direction PLEASE EMAIL ME!!! I am very sorry your day was ruined. Speaking from experience it is no fun being lost.

I am working on getting our results posted online. It's a bit complicated as the contractor for the event used a sub-contractor from different part of the state. I have emails into both of them.


  1. I think overall your first attempt went very well. I studied the map prior to the race, which helped, and did not get lost. Great first effort. Thank you for all you did and for a great morning of running. I hope you put the race on again next year, loved the trails.

  2. Overall it was a good race. I think if you looked at the course map ahead of time there were only a few places that were tricky regardless of the signs. Most of the time I wasn't even looking for the pink ribbons, I was just following the trail. I think the "wall of rocks" on the mt. bike trail threw a lot of people though. Thanks for putting it together.

    Dan G.

  3. I run this park all the time...and it's even easy to take a wrong turn if you know the park. It's not your fault if the mushroom pickers took some of the ribbons and more down (I actually saw some of them, and stopped and told them to put them back...). It was frustrating to me because I knew that the runners behind me would possible make a wrong turn due to what these groups of guys were doing. I think the only way to prevent this is to try and prepare to have a closed course/park until a certain time. I'm sure it is not easy, but otherwise, these things are going to happen. Other than those things...the race was set up and put on quite well. Kuddos.

  4. The "wall of rocks" mentioned above is where I took my one and only wrong turn. It didn't look like a trail went through it and I didn't see any pink ribbon. Lucky for me, I didn't go far before I realized something wasn't right. No worries. Loved the trails and following the pink ribbons that were there put me at ease that I was on the right track. The volunteers were cheerful and helpful. I'll be back next year and will spread the word that this is a great race to do!