Thursday, April 28, 2011

Prizes, give aways, and bragging rights

OK folks lets talk about prizes for a moment. As you have seen in the previous post Metro Run and Walk has donated a TIMEX Global Trainer. This will be given to the person who can correctly estimate the amount of time elapsed from the first over all finisher of the half marathon to the first overall ULTRA finisher without going over. NEED NOT BE PRESENT TO WIN. Its a free contest to every runner; so make sure you get in on your chance to win.

Trophies: Here is the deal, you finish first in your distance you get a little running guy trophy.

Comp'd entries and discounts:
1st- free entry next year at any distance
2nd- half price entry next year at any distance
3rd- $20 off entry next year for any distance

For the half marathon, there will be male and female comp'd entries and discounts. Marathon and Ultra ladies I am sorry but there isn't enough of you to make this possible. It is because of this we will just have to do 1st, 2nd, 3rd. for those distances.
As the race continues to grow each year hopefully we can branch out and do male/female and age brackets. Right now, we just don't have the numbers to accommodate everyone.

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  1. Great job on the race! Although it made me very nervous at first, I was pleased with how responsive the RD was when there was confusion about the route around mile 13. The volunteers and paramedic were very nice and the Potato Creek route was perfect. Looking forward to subsequent years and another Mr. Potato Head running the course. Maybe Mrs. Potato Head could join him?