Thursday, April 14, 2011

Shirts are in...

Ok so here is the back of the shirts. I hope you guys like Orange. I figure with this bright color you guys will be easy to spot from the air by search and rescue. :)


  1. Orange is my favorite trail running color. Keeps me from getting shot by hunters!! haha

  2. Ben,
    Yes camping is allowed. I will be camping there as well for the race. In a previous blog post I found a hotel on the South Side of South Bend.

  3. Great shirt. Great race. Awesome Teddy R. quote on ur blog - one of my faves. Hope to be there. You might consider listing your race in South Bend Tribune in community scoreboard section, RUNNING, Area schedule. (last page of SBT sports section today) Lots of locals use that.

    Doug Morris (Fighting Ferret alum 8-)

  4. Senator: How many do you have for the 60k so far? Just curious. I think I have heard of you through either Craig Redfearn or Andrew Devereaux over at Metro. I was hoping someone would start a race out at PC one of these years. I am moving to San Diego the first week of May, but want one last run at PC so this would be perfect. Just was curious how many you had registered for it so far.

  5. Thanks Doug! Looking forward to seeing you there! Brandon I sent you email to the hotmail account.