Monday, April 11, 2011

Shirts are IN!

I just got a email from Dave at Metro Run and Walk (574-257-7867 for all your running needs! ) to let me know that the shirts are in and that they look awesome. Truth is I'd be happy if they looked terrible, people would remember them then. Just kidding. I hope you guys like orange, because that is the color we went with. I'll swing by Metro and post up a picture of the shirts as soon as possible. Also, I'll put up a picture of the ULTRA awards. I have them sitting on my kitchen counter, so I figure I should get them on the web. REMINDER: We are having a training run this coming Saturday at Noon. We will be starting at the Orchard Shores Picnic area and running approx. 6.7 miles of single track mountain bike trail. This will be a excellent way for you to see 1/2 of the course and eliminate any surprises on race day. Call or email if you have questions Senator Brett 574-596-3860

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  1. senator,

    I am really pumped for this. Do you know if there is camping allowed at the park or if there is a good place to do it? I live in indianapolis and want to camp the night before with a friend of mine. Any recommendations would be great, I've never been to Potato Creek.