Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Next weekend ( Saturday April 16th) we will have another training run out at the park. We will meet at the Orchard Shores Picnic area at noon and run the mountain bike course in reverse in similar fashion to that of race day. This 6.7 mile loop will give you insight into what to expect come race day. If you have questions about the race, or this training date please give me call on my cell phone 574-596-3860 or email here at the race's email address. If you can not be with out water for 1 hour please arrange to bring some with you. A small hand held will be fine. For those of you who have friends that are on the fence about this race; this would be a excellent opportunity for them to come out and run the front half of the course with you and a fun group of people. All done in a low- pressure type environment. Also, I would like to start a pool with a $1.00 buy in on guessing what color tights Bill K will be wearing on race day. 8-)

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