Monday, March 28, 2011

Technology 1 Senator 0: GPS issues, and taking a dive

We once again had great weather for getting out and hitting the trails this past weekend.   I met Bill and Bob  to cruise the upcoming course ( Bill pictured left,  and Bob picture right).  I strapped on my borrowed Garmin 310 and hit the trails to map out the course and post it here.   Sadly, the Garmin has 6 buttons and somehow I messed it up while underway.  Apologies to all who are patiently waiting to see the course map.   It will have to wait until I get out again.  When I get home from work tonight I will scan in a map with a hand drawn course, with aid stations, and showing the drop bag area for the ultra runners.
In other news, I took a huge dive while out running with Bill and Bob.  First time this has happened too this degree in some time.  One moment I was running along in my own little happy world, next I was laying on my back wondering how I got there.  No worries tho, the ground was soft and muddy making the fall not quite so painful.    I did manage to make a muddy mess of myself, which was quite humorous to my wife and kids when I showed back up at home. :-)  Good times.

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