Friday, February 24, 2012

A Rambling Post:

The entries for the 2012 race keep trickling in as we near the end of February. Some interesting observations so far:

The 60k field of runners will be much larger than last year.

All of the course winners from last year will be returning to run again in 2012.

I have managed to nail down a suitable “rental” agreement between the race and the owner of the pneumatic potato launcher for the next 45 years (odd but that is what he wanted).

I will keep the new shirt color a secret until they come in.

Northern Indiana Mountain Bike Assoc has done some work to the trails adding about .7 miles to the mountain bike trail section

It has been a pretty mild winter so far making trail running for this time of year much more enjoyable than in years past.

People have been contacting me about the race at all hours of the day and night. No worries. I find it amusing so far.

If you guys can fit it into your schedules I strongly suggest getting out to the park for a training run with Bill K. They meet Saturdays at 8 AM in the parking lot by the Nature Center. I will be heading out there myself sometime this coming weekend to run the course with a Garmin so I can put the data on the blog. Although I will not be able to make 8 AM session (sorry Bill) I will fit it in where I don’t have basketball or indoor soccer obligations with my kids. If you see me out there please stop me and say hello.


Senator Brett

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  1. I will be contacting you at all hours of the night until you don't find it amusing anymore...WOOF!