Monday, January 28, 2013

A quick post and a brief introduction:

The online link for registration on the right hand column should be good to go.  If you prefer snail mail you can print out the entry form and waiver from the link.  You then fill that sucker out and mail it into me.  I have worked hard to find an affordable online registration service that doesn't charge you guys an arm and a leg to sign up.  T&H is as affordable as they come.

Potato Creek Trail Runs welcomes  This free online training guide is provided by Rich Airey the former record holder of the 10,000 meters event at Monmouth University, and a life long running coach. .   The running WOD site promotes strength training as well as a sensible approach to periodic volume training.  Click on link listed in the sponsor's column and check out his great site. Rich can be reached at Ronin Athletics in San Marcos, CA. Phone: 732.966.7985!/richairey
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