Friday, April 20, 2012

Deadlines, Emails, and Giveaways

Ok people, the deadline for an engraved finisher medal is this Monday at 5PM EST.  So if you are on the fence about this race just know that after Monday the 23rd we will only take race entries for the 1/2 marathon.  Also, any entries for the half after this date will have a blank medal with out your name on them.  I've gotta draw the line somewhere, and that somewhere is this coming Monday. 

Tomorrow after all my kids soccer activities are finished I will be out at the park re-running, and certifying the course.  Making absolutely sure of the distances, and the locations of each aid station.  The course is 98% ( give or take) complete.  Please know that once this is established for 100% I will be sending out a email to all entrants with the course info, park info, and info for packet pick up with exception to D. Schmidlapp from Plymouth Indiana who didn't put his email address on his mail in entry. :-) I guess I will call him.

We will once again offer the "GUESS THE GAP" contest during the race this year.  This is a contest where you the runners have to write out the amount of elapsed time between the first half marathon finisher to the first ultra finisher.  Last year was a close one with 12 seconds separating  the correct guess from the second closest guess.   Last year we gave away a TIMEX IRONMAN Global Trainer and HR monitor. Fully wired, with GPS and all the latest goodies.  Our sponsor Metro Run and Walk was good enough to donate it as well as a bunch of other stuff last year.  Metro Run and Walk is located at 3522N. Grape Rd.  574-257-7867.   If you guys see Dave ( tall handsome older guy) walking around at the race be sure to thank him for his support.  

As always if you guys need to reach me for questions, or just want to vent about the upcoming presidential race give me a call on my cell phone, or email me.

Senator Brett


  1. Weather looks great right now and I'm getting excited. I was so off on my guess for the Garmin last year and I'm hoping to do better with that. Thanks in advance for all the work you're doing to make this a great event, Senator! I'll look for the email.