Monday, April 16, 2012

Important info

Hello Runners!

I hope your training for this years run has gone smoothly and you are injury free for this years PC Trail Runs. We are hoping for ideal weather conditions, as the field for the race this year will be bigger than last year. The Tech shirts are in as well the finisher medals have been ordered. You will be able to have your name engraved onto the finisher medal as long as you are signed up by April 23rd. After that date you will still get the medal for the correct distance you were able to finish; it will not however, have your name engraved onto it.
DROP DOWNS: if during the course of running the event you feel it necessary to drop down to a shorter distance you may do so. Please announce your intentions at one of the three Aid Stations where the Aid Station captain will make note of it. Your finisher medal will not have your name engraved should you choose to drop down in distance.

Aid Stations: Are located no greater than 3.5 miles apart from each other. This year the A/S will have the mileage clearly marked at each. Also, in the final loop of the marathon, and the Ultra - runners must check in at each A/S. This is an effort to prevent any accidental course wanderings, and allows us to closer track the runners while out on the course.

During the final loop of the ultra distance the runners will be directed to make a cut in the course making the total distance close to 38 miles VS the 40 if they were to run a full three loops.

Garmin based maps will be up showing the cut for the final loop by the weekend.

The gates to the park will be open at 7 AM.  Camping will be available.

Thanks for supporting local trail running events!

If you have questions, or need to speak to me feel free to call me at my cell 596-3860, or you can email me at



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